Carton flow racking

lt is suitable for the storage of large amounts of the samekind of goods and short-period storage.The efficiency ofspace using is high. Logistics center, freight station andpublication house and highly automatized factories welcomethis type of rack.

The roller is made of high quality PE,ABS and PS plastic.Colorcan be white, yellow,black,With little friction and good stressresistant in chemical capacity, water or humid-proof,loading weightup to 6-12kg/pcs.
The frame is made of sheet metal or aluminium metal.

Can be first in fist out, and can be one time storage, manytime picking.
Height efficiency of storage, suitable for short storagelarger quantity goods.

Construction character
The roller racking is developed fromlongspan shelf,Every layer cover with rollerwith 2.5"3 gradient degree. Goods can bedown gravity. First in first out.Conveniencefor storage and picking.