Pallet Racking

Pallet racking can be adjustable andsuitable for forklift working .There are twokinds of aisles can be chosen, One is normalaisle about 3000mm; The other one is about1700mm which require special forklift to fetch.

1.Q235B steel use special section toincrease loading capacity.
2.Beams can be adjust by every 75mm upand down.
3.Frame can be assemble and disassemble.4.Powder coating surface finished,resistance to salt spray , moist , water ,hydrochoric acid.
5.You can add bracer ,back spacer, steelpanel, foot protector , rack protector', backmesh as your requirement.

1 .The max loading capacity of upright frame isrelated to the height between two beams .Thegap of beam is more narrow . Upright frame ismore stronger.
2 .When the depth of rack is larger than1200mm, three post style should be used .