AS/RS System Racking

AS/RS is a complex automatic system,which consists of normal racks, lanewaystackers,Pallet conveying system, bar code reading system of size detection, telecom system,automatic control system,computer monitoring system, computer managementsystem,and other assistant equipments,such as switch boards, pallets,adjustableplatforms,steel platforms,By the introduce of first-class integrated logistics concept.the use of advanced control. bus, communications and lT,through the coordinatedaction of the above equipments, in accordance with the needs of the user's requirements,it realizes auto-matic,orderly, rapid,accurate and efficient in-bound and out-boundoperations to specified goods.
Component elements

Racking steel structure, there are two kinds of racking, one is welded rack, another isremovable.
Pallet,An equipment to load goods..Conveyor

Inventory management system: also called computer management system. lt is the coreof AS/RS. At present.Typical AS/RS always uses huge database system to build typical clientcomputers/server system, and it can be linked or integrated with other systems(such as ERPetc)

The advantages of AS/RS
lncrease the utilization storage space.
Easy to form advanced logistic system and improve enterprise production management.