Gravitation racking

Gravitation Racking
Each layer of the racking has a titled rail bygravity goods can slide into the store house.Thereis no passage between rows of racks,so space issaved. But,the goods on the same, or the goods must be ofthe same batch. Moreover, when the rail is long, thereshould be Braked device to slow down the movementsof the goods.

Gravitation Racking Character
The rail is tilted and fixed on the beam. Pallets with goods on the higher end can move alongthe rail because of gravity.
A damping system is installed to restrict the speed of the pallet. The quicker the pallet move,the damping system products more resistance.
Separation device is at the lower end, which separates the two pallets that are close to eachother, so the pallets can be taken out easily.
Space using efficiency of this pallet rack is higher than drive-in rack, fulfilling the principleof“first in first out”. This type of rack is as safe and efficient as other racks and widely used inmany industries.